Speaker Stands

Posted by on Jan 3, 2015 in Design
Speaker Stands

This is the start of a speaker stand set. That NAK Designs will forge clef notes to adorn stands.


I have added line from a musical sheet to the stand to attach clef notes to that are hand forged.  the parent stock for the clef note is 1″x3/8″


Here I am starting to forge the 1″ x 3/8″ bar stock. mixing blacksmith work with fabricated work is always fun.


Here I am hot cutting the round part of the clef note.


You can see the forming of the clef notes here.  They are made from one piece of metal no welds here.  The layout to length ratio was a trick with the different widths in the note body but we hit it right on.  Thank you Mark Asprey for the knowledge I have gained.


Here are the finished stands.  I have done a light wire brushing and cleaning of the metal.  I added a patina to them to fit in with the clients existing metal furniture.