Modern Metal Fireplace Surround

Posted by on Dec 6, 2014 in Design
Modern Metal Fireplace Surround

The modern metal fire place surround are blocks made out of 4’x10′ 18 GA. cold rolled steel sheets.  I then form them into a hat channels and start the process of making them into each individual block. Each one of these blocks is hand crafted with TIG welded corners.  modern metal fireplace surround missoula montana metalsmith blacksmith  The space between the panels will have forged iron bars that will be 3/8″ by 2″,3″ and 4″  inset to make grout lines.  This project will wrap four walls making the wall appear as if made of metal.

modern metal fireplace surround missoula montana metalsmith blacksmith

I have made a sculptural wall to look like it is solid iron.  Keep watching for updated photos.

Web Blog Iron wall#2,modern iron wall design, iron wall, forged iron, missoula, nak designs, metalsmithThe walls to the fridge are in and the iron is wrapping around it well.  the forge will be running tomorrow to start the iron work that will go in-between  the panels.

IMG_1844,metalsmith, nak designs, modern wall, steel wall, iron wall, forged iron,

I was able to inset the steel panel into the two beams running into it today.  Stay tuned for more on this modern iron wall project in Missoula,MT.


Getting the chance to create and new look for clients excites me.  I get to do some great projects from modern, rustic, forged and fabricated. Thanks to all who allow me to create.



I today installed the forged iron bars into the metal wall.  Each one hand hammered for texture, to feel like a grout line.  I have the measurements made to make the rest of the bars. The vertical bars will all have an offset to fit over the horizontal bars.  In a day or so I will get them up and give more photos.



Now that everything is up and fitting right I must brake it down to put the finish on the panels.  When I get it back up I’ll post the finished photos.


So the panels have been getting a new look i’ve been applying a acid patina to them and they are starting to go back up.  I have spent the last couple days getting this done.DSC_0708

The forged iron is getting it’s finish put on now and should be up in the next couple of days.  It will fill the gaps between the panels as in the before picture up two photos.DSC_0720

Today almost all of the forged iron has gone back up.