Forged Iron Belt Buckles

Posted by on Nov 2, 2014 in Case Studies, Design
Forged Iron Belt Buckles

Forged Iron Belt Buckles come in all shapes and sizes.  Each one you wear is an expression of yourself. Coming up with new designs and layouts is fun.  I custom make tooling to imprint into the steel to create the pattern seen below.  I make the buckles from Mild steel/Stainless steel/Bronze/copper.  Creating the tool is a journey that leads to the buckle.


side viewWeb Blog=fish scale buckle jpeg


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NAK Designs, Inc. has been hired to make seven new belt buckle for a Missoula,MT based leather good company Whiskey Leatherworks. They have been working together to make seven one of a kind hand forged belt buckles to compliment there leather belts. Check back soon to see more from NAK Designs, Inc. and what they are doing for Whiskey Leatherworks.

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Here is a sample of some of them (left) forged copper (middle) forged Stainless Steel, buffed (right) forged bronze. There are no two just alike but they are very close.  Whiskey Leatherworks has asked me to make a run of 25 of each of these to complement there leather work.